3.2 MW Subsea Pump-Motor

MANAGER OF OPERATIONS PLANT MANAGER 2014-2016 MANAGER OF PROJECTS MANAGER OF ENGINEERING 2013-2014 Director and senior on-site lead for a subsidiary P&L with up to 100+ personnel. Executive oversight for the short-range and long-range plans, policies, and programs associated with the engineering and manufacturing of advanced turbomachinery. Spearheaded the Corporate Turnaround of the P&L to attain business metrics in accordance to corporate objective Reduced OPEX by 40%: Created and facilitated cross-functional initiatives to increase productivity and spend performance, optimizing workflow and processes towards products with the highest value to corporate strategy. Reduced CAPEX by $20MM+: Directed the global realignment of strategic manufacturing direction. Leveraged preferred supply partnerships to de-bottleneck business unit throughput while eliminating major capital equipment needs. Reshaped Manufacturing Operations for the business unit based on TPM and Lean Manufacturing principles. Chaired continuous improvement initiatives to reduce unit production cost/time by 30%: Leveraged a cross-functional initiative to focus Kaizen events to drive down unit costs, achieving pricing competitive with the industry benchmark. Eliminated $50K+ in production risk per unit: Guided a systemic analysis of process data and risk consequence estimates to reorganize the production flow path and led the engineering of new custom tooling systems to prevent product damage. Orchestrated global supply chain qualifications to align the P&L with ISO9001 and corporate standards: Oversaw EHS, quality, and financial audits, including detailed technical analysis of advanced alloy casting and forging processes. Delivered 100% successful builds with zero recordable EHS incidents in 175,000+ labor hours. Founded and recruited the Project Management Organization, establishing the policies and protocols for execution. Business interface to executives, strategic partners, and customers: Focal point for program status, critical path, challenges, technical solutions and short-term/long-term resource forecasts. Approval authority for proposals: Responsible for contractual scope, schedule, pricing, and deliverables. Architected a new comprehensive product strategy to support business unit growth and increased sales. Transformed the product offering to decrease project engineering cost/time by 50%: Transitioned the organization from bespoke production (15+ configurations) into 3 product series scaled from a single design. Program lead for a $25MM R&D portfolio: Expanded product family capabilities through the development of new product designs and materials. Decreased production time/cost/risk by innovating new manufacturing tooling and processes. Authored a U.S. Patent: Capitalized on learnings from a root cause analysis of a qualification failure to modularize and integrate subsystems which reduced unit size/weight by 35% and created a 10X increase in market applicability. Personal Awards: Gold Award – Innovation Gold Award – Quality

Video for Subsea Boosting Module for Petrobras' Cascade-Chinook Field in The Gulf Of Mexico

MANAGER OF PROJECTS & AND PROPOSALS 2013 SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER 2012 - 2013 Program Manager and mentor, leading a matrix team of 60+ personnel across 9 departments in the development, systems integration, and delivery of a $75MM+ portfolio of high-performance fluid/mechanical and turbomachinery systems. Directed systemic process improvements to drive operational excellence in the delivery of precision-engineered products. Crafted a predictive program architecture to ensure delivery on-time and on-budget: Bridged logic-linked scheduling, Earned Value Management, and Cost Account Management strategies to proactively mitigate execution challenges. Authored and executed advanced manufacturing risk reduction strategies: Shaped the technical program to generate manufacturing excellence in precision machining of advanced alloy products and increase operational throughout. Salvaged a troubled Major Capital Project (3+ years late); delivered in 9 months: Mentored the Project Manager, developing proactive problem solving skills to mitigate product quality risks through logic-linked critical path analysis. Averted a large scale EHS incident by identifying a critical technical flaw in a high-pressure fluid/mechanical system. System technical oversight authority: Orchestrated a systemic design review to ensure compliance to EHS regulations and customer requirements. Identified an overlooked specification across subsystem interfaces between 2 suppliers. Chaired programmatic recovery efforts and managed customer expectations: Guided the multi-disciplinary team to develop solutions, preserving the primary system design to leverage long-lead qualifications already completed. Created revenue of $10MM+ via up-sale of advanced technology projects: Supported Business Development goals by identifying customer technology needs during existing project delivery, then developing follow-on sales opportunities. Coached 5 of 11 acolytes to promotion in 12 months: Mentored personnel to enhance organizational capabilities. Personal Awards: Silver Award – Valuing People Sliver Award – Collaboration

united states navy 1998-2012

Squadron VFA 11 Flying Over The Red Sea In 2012

DEPARTMENT HEAD STRIKE FIGHTER SQUADRON 11 2009-2012 Director for 260+ personnel, $815MM+ in capital equipment, and a $25MM+ operating budget. Leadership of Operations, Safety, Training, HR, and Facilities functions, employing 12 FA-18F aircraft in training and combat operations in Iraq & Afghanistan. Directed safety programs for 260+ personnel, delivering zero human-error mishaps in 12,000+ flight / 250,000+ labor hour Focused personal, environmental, and flight safety training to develop a proactive organizational safety culture. Coordinated flight operations and training for the $25MM+ fuel budget and $3MM+ special munitions allotment. Optimized training resource allocation to maximize combat efficiency: Created an analytical model to forecast needs, allowing limited-availability resources to be directed to aircrew with the highest training needs. Orchestrated all administrative duties to manage, develop, and grow 260+ personnel, and the $3MM+ travel budget. Enabled the command’s relocation & successful operation during training detachments and overseas deployment. Personal Awards: Air Medal – Individual Valor in Combat, Air Medal – Combat Strike Flight Navy Commendation Medal

FA-18F Super Hornet  being tested by VX-23

PROJECT OFFICER STRIKE AIRCRAFT TEST AND EVALUATION SQUADRON 23 2007-2009 Principal for execution of a $3B+ portfolio of flight projects for the product life cycle of high performance aircraft. Leadership of 4 project teams (30+ engineers) in the design, development, systems integration, and flight testing of the FA-18 and T-45 aircraft. Developed FA-18E/F Block III aircraft system requirements on behalf of the Pentagon and Naval Air Systems Command. Saved $1.5B+ in the development of the FA-18E/F Infrared Search and Track system. Leveraged Cost Account Management strategies in the selection of production configurations and management of desired/required performance. Chaired the model-based analysis of the FA-18E/F Block III and AIM-120D missile against air-to-air mission needs. Identified a critical technical oversight in the system performance in the dynamic environment. Drafted the Congressional Funding recommendation to solve deficient system performance. Averted a multi-year, $1B+ program overrun, through negotiation of a $3MM R&D allocation to Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Presided over the FA-18 E/F/G Design Action Group for H8E mission software: Led a joint Navy/Boeing team in the design, integration, and configuration management of aircrew controls and displays, and avionics/weapons interfaces. Authored and executed the flight test program for the FA-18E/F Infrared Search and Track technology demonstrator. Oversaw development of a configurable avionics testbed matching aerodynamic performance of approved flight loadouts. Installed support structures, a cryogenic system, and aircraft interface into an external fuel tank. Spearheaded flight test planning and multi-disciplinary technical evaluations to attain Safe-For-Flight designation and complete system “First Flight” in under 6 months. Guided program planning, risk management, and flight test safety for the airworthiness testing of a new turbofan engine for the T-45 aircraft. Ensured in-flight safety for engine-out and restart operations in this single-engine aircraft. Executed the flight test project within the IMP/IMS for integration of the APG-79 AESA radar into the FA-18E/F aircraft. Validated system requirements and operational capabilities by classifying performance in a multi-aircraft environment. Coordinated bi-coastal flight testing, tracking technical performance and schedule milestones (via a DOORS equivalent). US government acceptance authority for 20% of the Shared Reconnaissance Pods (SHARP) in national inventory. Conducted flight testing to evaluate system performance, conformance to requirements and mission suitability. Personal Awards: Navy Commendation Medal

Sand Storm Balad, Iraq

AIR OPERATIONS AND PLANS COMBINED JOINT SPECIAL OPERATIONS TASK FORCE 2008 Selected by Joint Special Forces to augment specific technical knowledge in the employment of aircraft and electronic warfare. Orchestrated 350+ Close Air Support missions in support of 56 Navy SEAL and Army Ranger teams. Leveraged systems engineering principles and Lean Six Sigma concepts to identify key operational constraints and optimize aircraft and vehicle systems employment against a wide range of emerging threats. Designed and implemented new air support tactics, producing a 600% increase in overall mission success. Personal Awards: Defense Meritorious Service Medal

Mirage 2000D

TEST FLIGHT OFFICER U.S. NAVY TEST PILOT SCHOOL 2006-2007 Selected as 1 of 5 officers (out of 5,000) to participate in the Test Pilot School / Post-Graduate School program. Expertise in the flight test of high performance and unmanned aircraft, verifying conformance to contract requirements and suitability for mission needs. Flight project specialist in Human Vehicle Interface, aircraft performance, avionics, and systems integration. Technical advisor to the S-3B aircraft sustainment program, overseeing integration of the AN/AAQ-13 LANTIRN system.

F-14 being catapulted off the US Stennis.  Brian deployed with the Stennis in 2004.

DIVISION OFFICER FIGHTER SQUADRON 31 2001-2004 Team leader of an F-14D squadron consisting of 34 aviators and 250+ support and maintenance personnel, employing 12 high performance aircraft in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Commanded 74+ personnel, conducting the repair and maintenance of aircraft avionics, sensor and weapons systems. Accountable for tracking, reporting and communicating status, challenges, and solutions to ensure combat capabilities. Subject Matter Expert on the capabilities and employment of EO/IR/RF/EW sensors and systems. Trained squadron officers and enlisted leaders, mentoring talent to attain high performance and earn desired promotions. Personal Awards: Air Medal – Individual Valor in Combat Air Medal – Combat Strike Flight Navy Commendation Medal – Individual Valor in Combat Navy Achievement Medal – 3 awards for Leadership & Professionalism
RADAR INTERCEPT OFFICER – FIGHTER SQUADRON 101 2000-2001 Completed platform-specific training to employ the F-14D Super Tomcat in Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground Operations.
NAVAL FLIGHT OFFICER – TRAINING SQUADRONS 10 AND 86 1999-2000 Top graduate in 3 of 3 stages of Flight Officer training (basic flight through complex multi-engine jet aircraft) covering all aspects of Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground employment of Navy aircraft.
AEROSPACE ENGINEERING LABORATORY MANAGER — U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY 1998 Responsible for administration, calibration, experimental preparation and validation for 5 subsonic and 1 supersonic wind tunnel, autoclave, microturbine test cell, and a rotary wing test cell.