Brian in a Catapult launch off USS Enterprise

20+ yEArs AND 2,000+ hOUrs of Flight Experience

across 36 Aircraft Types, including


AND  “First Flight” events

fa-18 Block III Aircraft Development, systems engineering, flight test, and defense acquisition program leadership

Capitalizing upon a $4B+ portfolio of innovation and delivery for high-performance military aircraft and precision-engineered systems for the defense and energy industries, I am highly skilled at ensuring the completion of developmental test programs on-time and on-budget.


I achieve successful delivery across a wide range of high-value and high-risk asset development/delivery programs by leveraging my background as a Navy Flight Test Officer, my education as an engineer (dual MS in Aeronautical & System Engineering), and my corporate experience leading all aspects of product engineering and production.


As a Flight Test Project Manager, I have led the FA-18E/F Block III Super Hornet Aircraft Development Program on behalf of the Pentagon and Naval Air Systems Command for the system-of-systems upgrades to create one of the best performing fighter aircraft in the world.

FA-18E/F Block III Super Hornet Aircraft Development Program: Program Lead for development of DoD acquisition requirements on behalf of the Pentagon and Naval Air Systems Command for the FA-18 system-of-systems upgrade.


FA-18E/F Infrared Search & Track System (IRST21) Development Program:  Program Lead, chairing the joint Navy/Boeing/Lockheed Martin team to develop the sensor hardware, aircraft integration, and human/vehicle interface of this system.


FA-18E/F Infrared Search & Track System Technology Demonstrator Flight Test Program: Program Lead, Test Plan & Test Results author, and Flight Test aircrew for the development, Safe-For-Flight designation, and First Flight of this system in less than 6 months from the R&D funding decision milestone.


FA-18E/F/G AESA Radar (APG-79) Flight Test Program: Program Lead, executing the bi-coastal flight test master plan to evaluate the shipboard suitability of this joint Navy/Boeing/Raytheon project.  Planned and led multi-aircraft flight test events, simulating operations in the aircraft carrier environment.


FA-18E/F/G mission system software (H8) design Action group: Chair of a combined team of 20+ personnel, including Navy Flight Test aircrew & engineers, Navy TOPGUN aircrew, and Boeing engineers, in the development of the end-to-end flight system enabling the full functionality of aircraft systems for the Block III Super Hornet.  Specialist in the Human/Vehicle Interface to allow the aircrew to incorporate new systems and sensor information without increased pilot workload.


FA-18E/F High-Q Handling Qualities Flight Test Program: Flight Test aircrew for the high dynamic airspeed evaluation of new aircraft loadouts, including multiple flight profiles at -3.5G loads, 500+ knots, at altitudes from 20,000 ft MSL, down to 500 ft MSL.


FA-18E/F Supersonic Weapons Separation Flight Test Program:  Safe-For-Flight & performance evaluator, auditing Test Pilot aircrew performance during pre-test practice flights for weapons release profiles up to 60° dives at Mach 1.2.

FA-18 IRST System First Flight, 2007

LT B. DeJarnett, Flight Test Officer & FA-18 Project Manager, US Navy

Mr. R. Traven, FA-18 Chief Test Pilot, Boeing



principal for execution, technical leadership AND high-risk flight test

of 9 aircraft development programs

Guided program planning, risk management, and flight test safety during the airworthiness testing of a new turbofan engine for the T-45C aircraft

Program & requirements lead for the development of the T-45D aircraft.  specialized in the systems engineering and human/vehicle interface for this advanced military training jet

the acceptance authority for tactical reconnaissance systems (SHARP), responsible for fielding 20% of the U.S. navy’s inventory

pioneered new Special Operations usage of non-kinetic aircraft resulting in a 600% increase in mission success.

specially selected for collaboration with the french air force for comprehensive flight testing of the mirage 2000d

chaired coordination efforts with the pentagon and topgun, ensuring the success of major acquisition programs through out the fa-18 program life.

LCDR Brian DeJarnett was a key contributor to the

safe and successful completion of multiple high-risk

developmental flight test projects.  Personal example

and technical expertise are without equal.


- Captain Beau Duarte, U.S. Navy

Commanding Officer, Aircraft Test & Evaluation Squadron 23

strategic performance

maximized organizational effectiveness in aerospace development

programs and combat operations

Director for 260+ personnel, $815MM+ in capital equipment, and a $25MM+ operating budget, employing aircraft in training and combat operations in Iraq AND Afghanistan.

Mission commander for combat operations, attaining 100% mission success for air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.  Leadership of aircraft strike packages of up to 20+ navy / air force / marine corps aircraft under hostile fire.

repeatedly inspired a culture of superior performance, resulting in squadron recognition as the #1 command in the air wing on 3 combat deployments (out of 7 squadrons).  Directly responsible for motivation and mentorship.

“He made daily strategic impacts across the entire Iraqi Theater.   My tactical forces could not have achieved success without his support”


- Major General Darsie Rogers, U.S. Army

Commanding Officer, Joint Special Operations Task Force

excellence in execution

6 awards for individual valor and tactical  leadership in combat

Defense  Meritorious   Service Medal

REDESIGNED air support tactics FOR SEAL & RANGER TEAMS, yielding a 6X increase In mission success, ELIMINATING RISK OF AMBUSH and reducing exposure to hostile fire

Air Medal with Combat Device

air element commander for close air support in the battle of do ab. directly responsible for saving the lives of 60 allied troops

Air Medal with Combat Device

mission commander for 17 coalition aircraft during a time-sensitive strike near baghdad, destroying all targets while under hostile SAM & AAA fire

39 Americans, 20 Afghans, and myself, all owe you our lives.  Up until the last bomb was dropped from your Super Hornets we had been under constant and effective SAF, RPG, HMG, IDF.  My family and I are eternally grateful for the precision and professionalism with which you executed your mission.  We thank you for bring me home.


- Master Sergeant Tavis Delaney, Joint Terminal Attack Controller, 116th Air Support Operations Squadron

Program Lead for the developmental flight test and systems engineering of high performance aircraft systems.


Leadership for a $4B+ portfolio of research, development, testing and delivery for highly complex flight and technical systems.


Architected strategic vision to grow concepts into tangible solutions, creating unprecedented technologies and capabilities.


Adept at shaping multi-disciplinary technical organizations, tailoring processes and products to maximize performance.


Designed and implemented new military strategy, producing a 600% increase in mission success.


Created proactive safety cultures, producing 425,000+ incident-free labor hrs and 12,000+ flight hrs.